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Tattoo Kit YLT-118
Date:2013-10-06 16:08:44       Clicks:
Tattoo Kit YLT-118



1. A portable black box
2. DVD teaching CD
3. A practice, a transfer paper
4. LCD power supply voltage regulator
5. The power to cancel a
6. The power between a TATTOO
7. Power plug cable a (plug) can provide all kinds of different countries
8. Pigment crossover vehicle a
9. Ink cup 100
10. A set of 304 steel packing needle mouth (different models) of 10
11.20 the disposable packing needle mouth
12. The new caigang handle 2
13.28 color tattoo pigment, pigment all adopt Germany imported toner, color fast no fading, harmless to the body.
14. Repair cream a bag
15. A clean brush
16. Adjust the wrench
17. O shockproof aprons 50 (to prevent excessive vibration machine)
18. Needle tail mat 50 (fixed tattoo needle)
19. Rubber band 50 (prevent needle bar fly out)
20. A pair of disposable tattoo gloves
21.2 tattoo machine (fog, secant)
22.50 disinfection tattoo needle (with different models of secant and fog of injection)

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