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Tattoo Kit A023
Date:2010-04-21 21:48:13       Clicks:
Tattoo Kit A023

【Description】:10 cast head coil configuration is complete, convenient and easy to carry, affordable and can be hand-resistant tattoos in tattoo industry, professional tattoo shop, tattoo shop ready to open the best choice!


Tattoo Kit Set includes:


2 x High-end foundry tattoo machine
2 x Aluminium Grip
2 x Stainless iron grips
8 x stainless steel  Tips;(4 x RT,4 x FT)
36 x mixed plastic disposable tips (9 commonly used models, each model is the 4)
1 x Professional Tattoo Supply  ( Avaliable work under 110V or 220V and 230V ,240 V,output 1.2V-14.8V )
1 x Foot switch
1 X Clip Cord
1 X Power Plug
14 x 15ml  Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink
1 x ink holder
50 x tattoo needle(Used in all models, this package are sterilized needle)
1 x Top Quality Aluminum Carrying Case with Lock & Keys (Black leather) . Carrying Case Size (mm): 312 * 242 * 113
100 x ink cup;(Medium 50, Large 50)
1 X Tool Kits set
50 x o ring(To prevent excessive vibration machine)
50 x needle pad(Fixed tattoo needle)
50 x rubber bands(To prevent the needle bar fly)
5 x Tattoo repair cream
2 x Tattoo books
3 x practice skin
1 x Transfer Soap
10 x Transfer paper
3 x Black latex gloves

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