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Tattoo Foot switch G013
Date:2013-09-20 16:05:20       Clicks:
Tattoo Foot switch G013

【Description】:LED All-In-One Foot Pedal and Dual Power Supply Power Pedal This is an all-in-one Heavy-Duty Foot Pedal and Dual-Function Power Supply. The foot pedal is built to last with reliable function and a sturdy, non-slip base. The power supply has 2 inputs so a Liner and Shader Tattoo Machine can work simultaneously. Users can switch between each machine with the flip of a switch. The power output for each Liner and Shader plug can be adjusted independently of each other. Products Details: Input: AC 100-240V Output: DC 0-16V 2A Non-slip base 2 Output plugs for Liner & Shader Machines 2 Analog Power Dials for each output

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