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Tattoo Mini Power G014
Date:2013-09-20 14:30:45       Clicks:
Tattoo Mini Power G014

【Description】:Input voltage: AC 110v/240v 50Hz-60Hz Output voltage :DC 0-19v / 2 amps (adjustable) Output current:2A Equipped with cooling holes device - power in a long time without fever Balancing functional design, the power supply backplane design empennage placed more firmly on the desktop Increase the anti-skid function, the power non-slip rubber base oil loading, easy to move. Power supply with adjustable LCD screen rotation function, you can adjust the voltage 18.5F With the power switch, power rear fuse functionality with increased power switch With 75 degree visual display design, the new power Chan angle of 75 degrees humanized design Plug connector with 2 holes Function and stability - Powerful - boutique design - tattoo essential power. 3-digit LCD display, accurate to 0.1 voltage, stable function does not jump pressure

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