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CX-3 Tattoo Power G057
Date:2010-10-30 23:25:44       Clicks:
CX-3 Tattoo Power G057

【Material】:acrylic plastic
【Description】:Volts, said: voltage V, said the number of Duty: Power FT said: CPS said voltage frequency: the frequency of beating the machine 2. In the switch up and down about 4 buttons A: Now that maintain the voltage in B: that the maximum power volt jump 隆眉 Key: V 隆媒 keys that increase the power: that reducing power V 3. Press Menu key: there will be two options 1) that the pedal can control the tattoo machine 2) that maintain the pedal automatically controlled tattoo machine {do not step on the pedal the machine automatic operation} 4. CLOAK ---- "lock and memory keys 5. Advantages 1. high power: 18 V 2 On current work with a large pin voltage is not big enough to worry about 2. computer numerical control, a stepping foot work, 2 do not step on the pedal can work. 3. blue slope liquid crystal display. you want, voltage - power - speed at a glance. 4. lithographic numerical power of its features: sleek, stylish outer light, comfortable keys - can lock screen - to remember the current parameters. 5. double adjustable power supply can also access connected porous two hook line 6.. fully furnished - with the adapter of a major - the power bracket set - a package of screws, mobile phone packaging, gross weight: 1kg

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