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1/ 1 superior high quality power supply(fit your country voltage) 1 Power supply plug (fit your country cord plug) Input: 60-250V  Output:1.5-18.3V
2/100 ink caps.
3/ 1 set tattoo ink 7 colors (0.5 OZ/bottle).
4/1 Clip cord.
5/1 Foot switch.
6/50 premium black nipple-style grommets.
7/50 rubber machine o-rings.
8/50 tattoo-machine rubber bands.
9/1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments.
10/1 Ink Cup Holder.
11/1 pc tattoo machines gun.
12/1 pc High quality alloy Tattoo Machine Grips with 1 stainless-steel back-ste.
13/A pair of glove.
14/1 Pack of A & D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack.
15/5 brushes.
16/Assemble Tattoo Kits instructions.

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