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Tattoo Kit TK031
Date:2011-06-16 16:49:13       Clicks:
Tattoo Kit TK031

【Number】: TK031
【Description】:Fully equipped with a convenient, affordable and can be hand-resistant tattoos in tattoo industry, self-learning beginner tattoo, barber shop, beauty shop the best choice!

1.    2 pcs of tattoo machines for lining and shading (10 warp coils).
2.    1 great quality power supply.(work under 110/240V,output15V DC max) we will send the power cord & plug fitted buyers country .1 Foot switch,1 Clip cord..
3.    2 pcs High quality Tattoo Machine Grips
4.    20 pre made sterile tattoo needles.(3,5RL)x5, (5,7Magnums)x5.
5.    7 bottles of great quality tattoo ink
6.    20 disposable tips(nozzles). (3,5RT)x5, (5,7FT)x5.
7.    1 pc of  ink cup holder
8.    50 pcs of ink cup (9mm x 25  13mm x 25)
9.    1 pc of Tattoo Practice Skin
10.   1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments
11.   50 pcs needle pad
12.   50 pcs o ring
13.   50 pcs rubber bands
14拢庐  1 pcs  Anti bacterial aftercare cream
15拢庐  1 pcs of brush for cleanliness
16拢庐  1 pcs  disposable tattoo grips tube  1(25MM)

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