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Motor tattoo machine B1426
Date:2014-12-05 11:44:45       Clicks:
Motor tattoo machine B1426

【Material】:Space aluminum alloy
【Description】:Is a professional tattoo artist design and development of a revolutionary innovation of motor machine, - frame by space aluminum alloy CNC finely crafted - the machine consists of two bearings and shock absorbers connection, set the machine in the process of profile thorn resistance can automatic contraction of the length of the needle, to avoid the brunt of the skin reduce skin lesions, 30% compared with the traditional tattoo machine can reduce the pain - the built-in import high quality motor, stability, long working hours is not hot - the machine after a rigorous and precise durable test to ensure its high stability and long service life , simple operation, can easily finish paint line - strength, 5 v as the best working voltage - suitable for all kinds of handle and needle - low noise for the artist to create a relaxed quiet working environment, let a guest in the low pain and the joy of the game of tattoos.

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