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Motor tattoo machine B842
Date:2014-03-04 11:03:59       Clicks:
Motor tattoo machine B842

【Material】:Space aluminum alloy
【Description】: Process: integrative framework by aluminum alloy wire drawing carved molding, according to the imported motor machine than production, material: aluminum alloy carved, polishing grinding, motor: adopting Taiwan mute high speed motor. Advantages: drawing surface luster bright, equipped with a pin pulley fixed tattoo needle swing, all metal parts are made by aluminum alloy carved, fine workmanship distribution close operation conveniently, adjustable knobs can adjust the tattoo needle, needle in 2 mm to 5 mm. Working speed is fast, the strength is strong, sound light sustainable work 4 hours is not hot. this device packaging bag and leather black precious drawer box, accessories of hummingbirds machines is based on abroad as the original, then made a innovation changes, fine workmanship, the needle position can truly achieve the needle spacing is different, very professional, insert before and after the motor, can change the bearing, RCA special tattoo machine motor.

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