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Tattoo Power G167
Date:2014-03-04 10:53:45       Clicks:
Tattoo Power  G167

【Description】:隆戮 output voltage 隆驴 : 0 to 18 VDC 隆戮 output current 隆驴 : 2 a [special note 隆驴 : liquid crystal display, super safe design; High efficiency, the circuit design, calorific value is small, do not need to heat dissipation, low energy consumption, is inconsistent with the 2005 green standards. 隆戮 features 隆驴 : 1 has a short circuit protection 2 voltage protection 3 current protection measures 4 thermal shut off function Reliability: V loss: 95-100% full load, 40 + 5 隆茫 C, for four hours V current attrition rate: 0.25 mA Max at 254 vac

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