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Tattoo Power G164
Date:2014-03-04 10:48:54       Clicks:
Tattoo Power  G164

【Description】:隆戮 commodity characteristics 隆驴 : 1. Digital micro control. 2. Adjustable voltage accurately set 0 to 18 v. 3. The built-in 2 overcurrent protection. 4. The user can choose voltage 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 v. 5. Can be stopwatch. Charge tattoo artist preferred power by the hour. 6. Can be set in advance at the same time secant, fog three, six machine memory memory mode. 7. Pedal intermittent function, it can realize a button. 8. Permanent storage, can keep for a long time working memory. 9. General voltage 110-240 - v, 50/60 hz. 10. Contains no hook line, foot pedals. 11. Voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, the output is similar to the other. 12. The power supply consists of a general, stents, removable.

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