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Motor Tattoo Machine B024
Date:2014-01-20 14:56:59       Clicks:
Motor Tattoo Machine B024

【Description】:Grain supercilium body camera can be used to make grain supercilium body and grain supercilium body all-in-one power and grain supercilium body is a body acupuncture. This is tattoo eyebrow tattoo multi-function integrated motor machine adopts spiritual fission disassembling structure, and the handle design does not need any technology can operate handy: The characteristics and advantages 1. The Swiss hollow cup motor machine imported technology, no noise is not hot, small vibration: 2. The whole machine adopts fission structure, easy to use health: 3. Handle with marble inside and outside the scale structure, can adjust the length of the needle 4. Use the body acupuncture may throw type eyebrow tattoos can be arbitrary replacement needles: 5. The use of voltage 100-240 - v for countries to use 6. Use the power of 0-12 v speed can be controlled in 5000-20000 revolutions per minute

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