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Disposable Color Soft grip H001
Date:2014-01-18 21:56:13       Clicks:
Disposable Color Soft grip H001

【Description】:According big row stainless steel handle mold forming one, no burrs, smooth and pretty thoroughly, using transparent material, the needle easier to observe the situation, to ensure that the needle hanging on a line, the first ultra-thin mouth curved slope design, save more ink , the effect is more smoothly. Resistance guaranteed big row needle, and the needle efficiency, slim nozzle head side wall treatment does not harm the skin smooth, color is not easy to empty. Exclusive three-layer plastic bag soft silicone material technology, the appearance of a square non-slip handle, feel good and comfortable to use, the product is disposable packaging, health and safety, four specifications 23F, 25F, 35F, 39F, 20pcs/box

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