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Stainless Steel Foot Switch G008
Date:2014-01-15 11:02:56       Clicks:
Stainless Steel Foot Switch G008

【Material】:Stainless steel
【Description】:Polished stainless steel panel: 1 mm stainless steel thickness - can long-term trample dont rub off - deformation - strong and durable Silicone line: 18 copper wire wear resistance silicone 2 meters long black skin {refractory heat type} ensure the switch power 18 copper wire aluminum alloy microphone plug: brand audio special-purpose plug, close firmly. Iron plate: wear-resisting rubber 3 mm leather bag to 3 mm round cakes design - iron guarantee weight prevent mobile} {combined with non-slip pedal internal: eight screws strong springs - long-term trample - state - BuKa spring, Design: the 3 three layer thick metal stretch to match - strong sturdy metal effects - stainless steel metal senior durable silicone wire and stainless steel arch foot connection line pressing, 360 degrees to prevent wear and tear in the silicone line design can let you trample at any Angle - strength of high quality service. Audio line length: 2 m pedals diameter: 12.3 cm tall, 3 cm weighs 540 g} {white outer packing box

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