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Motor Tattoo machine B099
Date:2013-09-11 13:51:21       Clicks:
Motor Tattoo machine B099

【Material】:Aluminum alloy
【Description】:Product introduction: motor machine blended with the rotation of the revolutionary design and shrapnel And certain flexibility makes the machine does not need to adjust can be faster The secant, fog and coloring. Innovative titanium - drive system, one by one Rod, two bearing integrates a special plastic rod, without lubrication And maintenance. Accurate endurance test, to ensure the high performance and long life. Product features: secant fog color, one general. High quality motor, low noise, low vibration, high stability, high performance. Adopt imported Swiss motor. Output voltage: 4-12 f Motor: 12 v - 4.5 watts Rotation range 20000-30000 Suspension stroke 0.5 1.5 mm Color:Black, Blue, Silver, Tan, golden

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