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Transfer Pen Shell I147
Date:2013-08-23 10:12:17       Clicks:
Transfer Pen Shell I147

【Material】:Stainless steel
【Description】: Tattoo sketch pen, can undertake design drawing on the skin, the tip does not hurt the skin. Product features: the cartridge is made up of transfer printing ink (crystal violet), environmental protection, safety, non-toxic. 1. The artist can be used for painting on skin, characteristic is not demitint, rub resistance, water resistance, not easy to spread 2. The shop can be used to puncture point mark 3. Beauty salon can be used as injection, beauty pin point mark, can also be used for cosmetic surgery and other mark on the skin 4. Are sold with tattoo ink, using aluminum alloy material, feel is good, tattoo sweaty palms are more convenient to use, it is better to use!

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