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Transfer Pen I148
Date:2013-08-23 10:08:51       Clicks:
Transfer Pen I148

【Description】: Three American Mr Sanford shanpie sharpie350 mark pen summer bit fine nib supply us three Mr Sanford sharpie350 mark pen sharpie350 summer bit fine pointing mark pen, quick drying, waterproof ink and pen tough and resilient, writing 4 kinds of color, black, red, blue, green. Renown of the global leading brand in the United States three f (shanpie) marker, also called the three f (shanpie) permanent mark pen, the ink with special formula for oily ink, can be in any kind of media freedom tag, writing, paint color, is the best of the modern new office tools, are widely used in industry, laboratory, in business, is the ideal choice of the staff to do mark, special hang cap appearance design can easily plug in overalls pocket, at any time use, safe and convenient!!!!! Product features: the United States three f (Shanpie) marker beautifully made, style diversity, large reserve capacity of the ink, use dry ink pen, pen tough and resilient, dont cover the two weeks, cap can still smooth writing, PP environmental protection to ensure longer life of writing pen body; Specially formulated for oily ink, waterproof, prevent oil, anti-corrosion, sunscreen, weathering, pollution prevention, and resistance to high and low temperature (+ 500 C), after various extreme treatment does not fade, in metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and wood and other materials on the surface, can be free and clear to write down your valuable records. Oily pen mark on the skin tag, 12 a, pen length: 13.5 cm

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