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Mini Tattoo Power G033
Date:2013-04-12 18:15:32       Clicks:
Mini Tattoo Power G033

【Material】:Metal aluminum
【Description】:Mini tattoo power supply, the volume size of the palm of your hand; The metal shell, beautiful shape, well-made; Voltage setting Accurate, under the 18 v voltage can be adjusted. Suitable for all kinds of tattoo machine power supply, it is a tattoo artist ideal tool. Second, the technical specifications Specifications: TPN - 020 The rated input voltage: 100-240 vac 50/60 hz The input voltage range: 90-264 vac 50/60 hz Input current: 0.5 Amax Output voltage: 0 to 18 VDC plus or minus 2% can be arbitrary regulation Output current: 1.5 A (Max) Third, structure 1. The ac power input socket 2. The power supply OUTPUT jack OUTPUT 3. The foot switch FOOTSWITCH 4. Output power indicator light 5. The output voltage regulation Fourth, using method 1, the current preparation: insert the random distribution of the AC line end TPN - 020 at the back of the power socket, as shown in the above 1 position, the other end into the mains The socket; Insert the foot switch shown above 3 position of aperture, insert the tattoo machine pictured above 2 position of aperture. 2, open the power supply, stepped on the foot, indicator light, the above 2 position of aperture has a voltage output. 3, set voltage: adjust the knob of above 5 position, can set the output voltage to the required values. After 5 minutes, the power will be shut down automatically. Five, the matters needing attention (1) please use within the rated input and output, abnormal, please test input and output line is connected properly. (2) when using do not weight, do not drop fall, such as the shell deformation, please stop using it. (3) the high risk, not teardown without authorization.

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