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Motor Tattoo Machine B390
Date:2013-04-12 14:24:37       Clicks:
Motor Tattoo Machine B390

【Description】:1, the dynamic stability Butterfly tattoo move from motor, USES the world leading level of the Swiss motor, compared with traditional motor machine, his adjustable get doctor to ascend, the motor machine not only from voltage size to adjust the machine, the injection speed and stroke length, also can to control the speed by adjusting the speed control knob 2, eliminate elastic Traditional tattoo machine, it may appear, the needle installed to use elastic fixed tattoo needle, always grasp the bad elastic rubber bands, 2 ring is too loose, 3 ring is too tight Dragonfly machine dont need elastic to fixed tattoo needle, you only need to fasten on the needle, needle mat on the screw press use gasket tattoos needle handle fixed to complete. Can also according to the need to fine-tune 3, silent operation Traditional tattoo machine in working time, big sound. The dragonfly tattoo machine running sound is small, low vibration.

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