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Motor Tattoo Machine B401
Date:2013-04-12 13:41:55       Clicks:
Motor Tattoo Machine B401

【Material】:Space aluminum alloy
【Description】:Even the motor machine: 1. Motor is equipped with wire cutting semiconductor radiator: - it is a good motor without a cooling, will damage the motor function of life 2. The Taiwan motor - silent high-speed operation 3. Space aluminum material: the best aluminum texture, ensure machine no fever has toughness. 4. Car paint: the car of the lacquer that bake, each color is 4 layer surface brightness is not easy to wear. 5. Accessories - all the machine parts are laser line {CNC} guarantee the precision of the parts. 6. The machine start 3-4 v 6-8 v can work normally 7. Ensures the precision of the 0.02 mm - not when turning the machine use resistance - allows motor running smoothly 8. The vibration amplitude of 3.2-4.4 is the proportion of floating best tattoo machine 9. Speed - 250 million/SEC 10. The machine can adjust internal secant or fog out needle distance

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