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Motor Tattoo Machine B409
Date:2013-04-12 13:03:26       Clicks:
Motor Tattoo Machine B409

【Material】:Zinc alloy
【Description】:Professional play fog structure line all-in-one 1, high-grade imported motor tattoo machine fuselage lightweight, elegant appearance, suitable for large 2, the motor tattoo machine fine workmanship. 3, high-grade imported tattoo machine series motor performance strength strong, and very stable, no noise. 4 and can work continuously, more than 200 hours duration of heat resistant to high temperature treatment, stable performance, 3 v, 6 v ~ 9 v to work properly, frequency of 25000 r / 30000 r/min, long work not hot high-grade imported motor tattoo machine 5, to the color of high-grade imported motor tattoo machine High-grade imported motor tattoo machine is a good helper of the tattoo artist

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