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Motor Tattoo Machine B412
Date:2013-04-12 11:46:15       Clicks:
Motor Tattoo Machine B412

【Description】:Dragonfly motor tattoo machine, with aluminum alloy material, small and exquisite, using imported motor power, and easy to coloring, and quiet. Light LiangJi, no noise, low vibration revolutionary tattoo machine. Dragonfly tattoo machine parameters: Dragonfly machine input voltage: 0-14 v dc (maximum 14 v dc) Power connection: traditional continually (final 6 mm in diameter) Speed range needle/SEC: 0-000 r/min 0-130 / SEC Stroke length: Suspension travel: 0-2 mm Most big diameter:78 mm LxBxH size: 90 x 21 x 75 mm Advantage: 1, dynamic stability Dragonfly tattoo to move to the motor, USES the advanced world levels of Swiss motor, compared with the traditional motor machine, his adjustability get doctor ascension, this kind of motor machine not only through the voltage size to adjust machine dynamics, the needle speed and stroke length, also can adjust speed control knob to control the speed 2, elastic out Traditional tattoo machine, may appear to move the needle installed want to use a needle at the elastic fixed tattoo, always good to making the elastic, 2 laps is too loose, 3 laps and too tight Dragonfly machine dont need sinews to fixed tattoo needle, you only need to needle fixed well, turn pincushion screw use gasket pressure live tattoo needle handle can complete fixed. Still can according to the need for fine-tuning 3, silent running Traditional tattoo machine in the work time, send out a bigger voice. And dragonflies tattoo machine operation sound small, low vibration. Color: black, red, blue, yellow, golden, orange, green,

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