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Electroplate Tattoo Machine B499
Date:2013-04-11 21:02:21       Clicks:
Electroplate Tattoo Machine B499

【Material】:steel Iron
【Description】: This product USES one of the most legendary blue and white design to decorate the frame, most with Song Chaohe yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain. And this type is in the bottom of the blue and white pattern for the song and yuan dynasties, and developed. Thread cutting pure steel frame, after molding, machining, 3 layer ceramic firing on rack. Its design richly bold and unconstrained printing line fruity and able to bear or endure look, different from the traditional aesthetic temperament and interest of the Chinese nation. Frequency: 38000 r/min, the start voltage: 4-5 v, working voltage: 6-8 v. Winding capacitance: 47 uf, provide more effective voltage.

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