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Tattoo Transfer Paper I174
Date:2013-04-10 22:29:21       Clicks:
Tattoo Transfer Paper I174

【Description】:A4 size, four 1 version, using complex design, can use repeatedly really solve the problem of learning while painting, 100 1 box packing. S transfer paper and transfer printing pattern is clear, not easy to erase, on the skin to keep long time, do a larger version has advantages, convenient tattoo artist work, cooperate with the original installation import transfer printing paste effect is better. Method of use: turn transfer paper to the blue one, not the shiny side for positive upward, and then will need to transfer printing design (print, copy, print, and other material paper pattern are face up, on the transfer paper is not shiny side, blue pen which outline the line of design, design can move on the transfer paper, hook, line design can transfer will appear on the back of the line, operation method is similar to carbon paper. Then apply the printing paste in job site, just need to light a layer, and then draw the outline of good line (design) on the back under the improved wipe forcibly even in printing paste, be careful not to move, otherwise there will be a double. This pattern is full printing on the skin, wait for dry after start to work properly, then the design of even during operation is not easy to be scratched

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