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Tattoo anesthetic I181
Date:2010-11-10 23:45:42       Clicks:
Tattoo anesthetic I181

【Description】:This is Mas long time, for bigger map shore, the effect is very good. General anesthesia only an hour, which local anesthetic can be 2-4 hours narcotic, anesthetic effect is based on the thickness of smear, and smear the length of time after the decision to wait for the anesthetic. Method is to use the need for anesthesia with water to clean the place first, and then local anesthetic on the skin evenly, according to anesthesia time required to determine the thickness of smear, and then paste the plastic wrap, and so have felt completely after anesthesia and wait for 5-8 minutes better. Local anesthetic and then remove surface residue, you can start pattern, painted.

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