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Tattoo anesthetic I190
Date:2010-05-14 12:16:50       Clicks:
Tattoo anesthetic I190

【Description】:Special painless tattoo paste, 20 g / branch, use: First wash the skin, coated with a layer of pain cream, then wrapped, 40-60 minutes after the tattoo can be done, and sustainable 2 hours about the results significantly, welcome to order! Pain cream use After cleaning the skin, directly coated with this product, to maintain a certain thickness of 10 grams per square centimeter can be 10-15, covered with plastic wrap, (the skin tender and rough, penetration time is not the same), the specific site and time please refer to the following form, completely painless, could be wiped cream. Penetration depth 1.0mm2.0mm3.0mm4.0mm Subjective feeling slightly numb medium without numbness numbness numbness depth Eyelid skin 4 minutes 8 minutes 12 minutes 16 minutes Facial 12 minutes 24 minutes 36 minutes 48 minutes Ventral skin 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes Dorsal skin 14 minutes 28 minutes 41 minutes 52 minutes Arm skin 15 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes After complete anesthesia, the anesthesia part of needles per square cm of broken colored enhanced syrup; or will be added to the pigment solution, the ratio of the area and adding an appropriate pigment enhanced syrup is not be affected. Recommend using this product do the beginning of tattoo customers, their first try, to facilitate understanding of the product, which will help work.

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